The Adventures of Charlie Chevy and Franklin Ford is Dixie's big debut. What began as story telling for her grandchildren has blossomed into a new series of children's books. Encouraged by friends and family Dixie is thrilled to put her stories into books for all children. All of her books will tell an exciting story but also include a life lesson in words that children can understand.

Meet Children's Author Dixie Hadley

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Opal Rose like many little girls dreams of being a princess. She is certain that living in a castle, riding in a special horse drawn carriage and dressing in beautiful gowns would be the most wonderful life. Join Opal Rose on her journey of discovering a life changing lesson of what is truly important in life.

Charlie Chevy learns the value of having a trusted friend to talk to when difficult changes suddenly take place in his life. When Charlie Chevy encounters a "bully" he remembers over hearing Farmer Jones teach his children "always treat others as you want to be treated. Join Charlie Chevy in his adventure of "Living by the Golden Rule" and experiencing the rewards of giving to others.

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